- To be a reputable source of creative floor coverings, and to eventually create a brand in the business, which can then be extended to other home decor articles.
- To create a name for 'Indian Design' in the area of cutting edge home fashion.

- To bring comfort, beauty and style to homes across the world by means of well designed, well produced, and well coordinated articles.
- To contribute to our country by earning respect for Indian Creativity And Management.
- To contribute to our community by creating world-class employment opportunities and by fostering professional business practices.
- To enhance environmental conscience in employees, partners, & consumers and regularly come with new environmental friendly techniques of production as well as reuse of materials etc.

Our company values guide our growth and steer us towards a culture that embraces quality. We believe in:
- Placing the interests of clients first
- A relentless quest for quality in everything we do
- Treating our people with respect and dignity
- Conduct that reflects the highest standards of integrity
- Teamwork - Being good citizens in the communities in which we live and work

Sharda Exports is standing tall due to the support of its employees, who are:
- Loyal
- Honest
- Hard-working
- Creative
- Team players
- Dependable
- Committed for long-term.