The Rug Republic (TRR) is a global brand of hand made rugs offering over 600 trend-sellers, always available in-stock with a delivery time of 3 weeks worldwide. TRR has been created by Sharda, a leading Indian manufacturer and one of the most creative and reliable rug company in the world. With over 3 decades of manufacturing and international business experience, Sharda has been serving reputed Retailers, Catalogs, Importers and Designers in over 80 countries around the globe.

TRR Trends for 2017


Four reasons why your Rugs should be only from The Rug Republic
Global Style

The only global brand of Indian rugs distributed in 80 countries. Our collections are designed for, and present in the finest stores around the world. You deserve nothing less than the Republic of Fashionable Homes!

Natural Materials & eco-Friendly Production

Handmade in socially an environmentally responsible factories using natural materials like wool, cotton, leather and only Eco-friendly dyes and chemicals where needed.

Top Quality & Exceptional Value

You are buying directly from a top class factory which brings you the best value as well as the customer service.

Free Shipping Worldwide

We don't stop at competitive retail prices - there's more! You pay only for the rug, we pay for shipping.


To help serve you better, we have divided the range into three main categories by retail price points.


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