Handmade Rug - 100% WOOL PILE

Must not be kept in rooms with high humidity or in places where toxic chemicals are used.

Furnitures with sharp legs and walking on these rugs with heels is not advisable.

Do not drag furniture over the rug.

Keep the rug from direct sunlight. The UV rays may rapidly burn the rug and it may lose colour.

It is recommended to dry the rug in a natural way without drying or heating appliances.

Periodically, clean the rug with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner. We recommend vacuuming the carpet more often from the inside.

A new rug may shed a certain amount of fibre. This is a natural process which happens in various climates.

Rugs should be folded into a roll and not a four-fold for storage purposes.

For handmade rugs, if thread starts to unravel, do not pull it further. Carefully cut it with a pair of scissors.

Any type of wet product can be removed from the carpet with a wet brush. After this, you must at same time, lift the carpet from the floor so that the air can circulate freely underneath to dry it out.

If any type of liquid spills on the rug, do not rub the stain, blot it with a sponge or a cloth. If it is a solid mass, immediately contact your dry cleaner.

To avoid stains, sprinkle talcum powder or starch on the edge of the spot and start cleaning from the edge to the middle of the spot.

Rugs made by hand, cannot be deep cleaned at home with the use of any cleaning detergents.

It is necessary to deep clean rugs once in 24 months. For this, a professional service is needed. It is recommended to choose a dry cleaner that specialises in handmade rugs. It is recommended that the cleaning service should proceed with a regular dry cleaning, followed by vacuuming with a special turbo brush. Preference should be given to the wet cleaning method.


Handmade Rug - Hand woven Rug

Vacuum your rugs regularly. Sand and grit work down to the base of the pile where abrasive action damages the wool and results in loss of pile. Always vacuum your rug with the suction attachment only (never use the beater brush) to remove surface dirt. Beater brushes remove a small amount of pile with each use and can destroy fringe in no time.

If there are any food or liquids spills on the rug, clean the spill as soon as possible. Either use club soda or water with a clean towel. Spills such as mustard, should be allowed to dry until hard and scraped off. Never use a cleaning agent as these may affect the dyes and produce permanent colour changes. The top, under surface and the pad need to be completely dry before relaying the carpet. Failure to do so can result in mould, mildew, and dry rot with significant damage.

Animal urine is very damaging to a hand-woven rug. It is not only unpleasant to smell but can result in dry rot and permanent staining or de-colourisation of the dyes. Whenever accidents occur, use club soda and clean water to thoroughly flush the area. Make sure the carpet is completely dry before replacing it flat on the floor.

Any rug will fade if exposed to direct ultraviolet sunlight. Windows may be coated with a UV blocking film to minimise this problem.

Moth damage can occur anywhere but usually in dark areas under furniture that are not regularly vacuumed. To moth proof a rug is use zinc fluorosilicate, which lasts until a rug is cleaned. Other moth proof treatments lose their effectiveness in a few months. Be sure that any of your rugs that are partially concealed by furniture are properly treated.


Hand-made Rug – SILK

To clean a silk rug, we recommend dry cleaning as a silk rug tolerates it well. Dust and debris can easily assemble as a dense pile does not pass them on to the carpet. When caring for a silk rug it is better to use the vacuum cleaner on the lowest setting.

Harsh treatments may affect the unique properties of a silk rug. It is recommended to use medium hardness nylon cloth or a brush with a soft bristle.

Do not try to use a shampoo or soap for washing silk rugs. Soap can cause a "fluffy" state, causing damage.


Real Leather Rug - HAIR ON HIDE

Full grain leather is easy to care for and unlike many other fabrics, real leather has a natural resilience to wear, more or less taking care of itself. There are a few things you can do however, to ensure its long lasting pleasure:

Make sure that the leather doesn't dry out, as this will affect its suppleness and softness of touch.

Avoid exposing the leather to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. The sunlight will bleach the leather. Protect it where possible by drawing the blinds or curtains.

Wactch out for Sharp Objects like toys, jewellery, buckles on shoes, pet claws as these can score the leather.

Beware of placing the leather too near to direct strong heat sources such as open fires, heat outlets, open windows, or sources of damp.

Lighter colours will wear just as well as darker ones, but will need to be cleaned slightly more often do not allow grit and dirt to build up to excessive levels as this could have an abrasive affect.


Handmade Rug – POLYESTER

Polyester carpet is recognized for being inherently stain resistant, but polyester rugs’ permanent stain resistance isn't the only feature. The polyester rug also resists fading and abrasions and is recognised for its ability to clean easily, making it an easy-care rug for the home or office.

There can be stains even on stain-resistant materials like polyester. Use white paper towels or a white, absorbent, dry cloth to immediately blot up any spills. Don't scrub, or you could distort your rug pile, blot instead, using new towels if needed, until the spot is thoroughly dry. If the stain is due to semi-solids, first use a spoon to gently scrape up the solid from your rug. If the stain is the result of a solid, break up the solid, then completely vacuum it up before attempting to clean the stain.

Keeping your rug clean requires regular vacuuming, immediate spot or stain removal, and annual deep cleaning. Vacuuming regularly removes dirt and debris before they become embedded in the carpet and damage your polyester fibres.

Deep cleaning your polyester rug (also known as restorative cleaning) will remove all embedded soil before it can reduce the life of your carpet or its beauty.

Move furniture occasionally to counteract high-traffic patterns that begin to form. Use glides or cups on heavy furniture legs, and move the legs several inches in another direction every so often to prevent depressions or indentations in your rug. Reduce direct sunlight exposure on your rug to maintain the colour and prevent fading.



The shape of the product may slightly distort while handling in loading/unloading during transportation but could easily be settled by hand and it will come back to its original shape. As this product contains recycled wool in the form of filler, please keep away from water/moisture because smell/odour may occur. Incase the pouf comes in contact with water/moisture; dry it out in the sun before using it again.


Handmade Rug - FELT PEBBLES

Low powered vacuum cleaning is recommended regularly. Remove spills immediately, blot any liquid with a clean, dry, undyed cloth or paper towel. Periodic cleaning using professional help method is recommended.
Slight pilling/shedding is possible. Store your rug by wrapping it with cloth for protection. Please keep away from sharp objects, hot surface and open fire place.


Handmade Rug - Recycled Rug

Avoid harsh chemicals for removing the stains. Each item is individually finished, which gives the product a unique look. Slight variation in appearance is a natural characteristic of the handmade products. Deep colours may have a tendency to stain light surface, especially if wet.


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