A carpet can be made using different materials like Wool, Cotton, Leather, Jute, etc. All these materials have different properties and features that give a carpet its identity.

1. Wool

  • Carpet made of wool are resistant to wear and tear and can look like new for years.
  • Give warmth to the room and also absorb moisture up to 40% of their weight.
  • Extremely soft and comfortable to walk on.
  • Reflect light in different directions and hence are not very shiny.
  • Prevent accumulation of static electricity.


2. Silk

  • Silk gives a very shiny and lustrous look to carpets.
  • Look elegant and have a distinctive high gloss shine.
  • They have an incredible natural property displaying different colors when viewed from different angles.
  • No allergies associated with silk.
  • In spite of its delicate and fragile appearance, they are very sturdy and reliable.
  • Light weight and resistant to shrinkage, surface abrasion and fracture.


    3. Jute

    • Jute carpets are environment friendly due to their recyclable nature.
    • They are sturdy and stain resistant.
    • Due to low cost of fabrication, these carpets are cheaper.


      4. Cotton

      • Cotton carpets hold their shape well and do not get disfigured easily
      • They are cheaper than wool and silk carpets.
      • Cotton as a fabric has ‘breathing’ property. It absorbs and releases moisture quickly.
      • Easy to clean and washable. They also have low drying time.
      • Soft on touch and comfortable to walk on.

        5. Viscose

        • Ideally mimics natural silks and provides a cheaper alternative of Silk carpets.
        • These carpets acquire polish with ease and preserve their texture and color for a long time.
        • Soft and rich feel with a shiny texture. They look bright and colorful.
        • Pile doesn’t get tramples under weight and regains its shape quickly.

          6. Leather/ Natural Hide

          • Natural hide or animal skin is used.
          • They are sturdy and have a long life.
          • Look very rich and sophisticated. They make any room look luxurious and are good at emphasizing the social status of any owner.
          • Soft on touch and are stain resistant.